X-Ray Systems and Metal Detectors with Ancillary Services

End User: European Legal Mission, EULEX Kosovo
Equipment Type: X-Ray Systems & Metal Detectors
Details: The services were provided by Danlex, in partnership with Astrex DOOEL. The purpose of the equipment provided – inspection and detection – has greatly contributed to increasing the level of security in various institutional buildings.
Year: 2009

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X-Ray Systems and Ancillary Services

End User: Public Enterprise for Airport Services (PEAS) – Alexander the Great Airport, Skopje
Equipment Type: X-Ray Systems
Details: Equipment for security inspections of cabin and hold baggage.
Year: 2008

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Detector for Radioactive Materials and Ancillary Services

End User: Kumerio Med AD
Equipment Type: Detectors for Radioactive Materials/Other Equipment
Details: The services are intended for a continuous radiation monitoring of passing vehicles. The system is the latest generation detector of Radioactive Materials and covers the strict technical and functional requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for equipment stopping the illicit traffic of Radioactive Substances.
Year: 2008

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Due to confidential and classified information, some of Danlex’s projects have not been published.