Cultural Heritage

The preservation of cultural heritage is of a great importance to people as it gives them a chance to go back in time and explore history. It also elevates their national pride and helps them shape their identity. Therefore, for the protection, exhibition and restoration of works of art (past or contemporary) – no matter whether in collections, museums, galleries or auction houses – there are two main priorities to be taken into account: the safety of the work of art and free access to look at it.


Museum Equipment

Together with Glasbau Hahn, we offer you a wide range of display cases varying in size, shape, material and design – all of which adaptable to different lightening or climate conditions:

  • Security Glass/Alarm Glass for protection against damage during vandalism, and prevention of injury in the event of glass breakage.

  • Fibre Optic Lighting to eliminate the damaging UV and IR components from your artefacts.
  • Solutions for light and heat sensitive objects, and especially organic materials which are endangered by either daylight or artificial light.
  • Climate Control – mechanically or chemically based to address the temperature and/or humidity control.
  • Hahn-Modul System (DBP) – easily adjustable, easy to store and transport, simple and fast assembly and dismantling even by non-professionals.

For more information on the products and solutions, please visit Glasbau Hahn.

Gallery Equipment

The Protector von Hahn represents a picture case that offers your gallery the maximum protection for your paintings or graphics. It serves as a safety shield against potential vandalism and acts to control climate conditions. More specifically, the system offers your gallery a preventive and controlling measure against UV-and IR-radiation, high humidity levels, dust and other aggressive materials.

For more information on the products and solutions, please visit Glasbau Hahn.

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