Ports & Borders


Ports and Borders Security

Today’s world is experiencing an ever-increasing globalisation, which instead of being an advantage for the overland transportation industry, it has turned out to be a major challenge. The multinational flow of products in the global economy creates risks to the security of each country and its allies. This interconnectedness leads to heavy traffic and delays of transported goods, and to the need of having stronger security regulations. Together with our partners, we understand the pain points of the industry and we focus our full attention, expertise and many years of experience onto finding proven and effective solutions to tackle these challenges.

Working closely with our partners, we are able to meet and implement European and Global strategies, requirements and initiatives by contributing to the smooth and secure operations of ports and borders, customs authorities, law enforcement agencies, and other security organisations with:

  • High performance equipment with image quality and throughput needed to perform systematic, highly efficient and thorough inspections of vehicles, containers and rail cargo.
  • The ability to efficiently detect and combat the transportation of undeclared and/or dangerous goods, illegal immigrants and other high-interest items that are the target of customs inspection to ensure the safety of society and avoid economic losses.
  • Protection of national interests and the interests of the European Union.

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Cargo & Vehicle Screening

The cargo and vehicle inspection systems are designed to suit your variety of demands related to customs, ports and border control including land, sea and railway border crossing points.

An overview of the technologies’ characteristics is as follows:

  • Screening systems can effectively deal with a continuous flow of vehicles, while producing excellent image quality.

  • X-ray images are easy to analyse and can be done so either remotely or on-site.

  • Screening systems can reliably detect any presence of radioactive gamma materials on vehicles.

  • Other products offer an inspection solution of unmanned vehicles where drive-through inspection may not be possible, while this system is designed to prevent vehicle drivers being exposed to any radiation risk.

For more information on the products and solutions, please visit Smiths Detection.

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