Aviation Security

Passenger and Cabin Baggage Screening

We provide the full range of equipment needed to achieve fast and reliable inspection of passengers and their baggage, and to implement a comprehensive checkpoint management process.

  • Approved by ECAC Automatic Detection Systems used to detect concealed objects in the body of any material type.
  • Full range of X-Ray systems for cabin baggage inspection, including Explosive Detection Systems for Cabin Baggage (EDSCB) in full compliance with the latest regulations, ECAC and TSA requirements.
  • Approved by ECAC highly sensitive Trace Detectors used to detect and identify a wide range of narcotics as well as military, commercial and homemade explosives threats.
  • Metal Detectors are able to automatically detect hidden weapons and metal components in full compliance with the latest Security Standards.
  • Liquid Explosives Detectors for accurate inspections of sealed and unsealed Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs), with a non-ionising radiation source and no moving parts. The detectors are in a full compliance with the latest regulations, ECAC and TSA requirements.

  • Integrated checkpoint solutions tailored to help you increase the efficiency, throughput and passenger experience.

For more information on the products and solutions, please visit Smiths Detection and CEIA.

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Hold Baggage Screening

We can help you with the transition to a Standard 3 hold baggage screening process. With our partners Smiths Detection and Vanderlande, we deliver the technology and services needed to upgrade your baggage handling system with high-end automated explosive detection systems that comply with the applicable legislation and best practices.

  • The ECAC Standard 3 compliant automated explosive detection systems (EDS) provide the highest levels of security and operational efficiency in the industry while considering the footprint limitations of airports, and the requirements of regulators in Europe and the USA.

  • The benefits over Standard 2 include: improved 2D image quality; generation of 3D images of screened bags; 11% increase of detection performance; reduced system downtimes; real-time system feedback; decreased power consumption; compliance with the Last Point of Departure requirements of the TSA.

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Air Cargo and Air Mail Screening

You can choose from the wide range of X-Ray systems, produced by Smiths Detection to enable quick and effective screening of mail, freight and cargo. All of their X-Ray systems can be configured with additional software options, passive and mechanical input and output rollers, and other hardware options as required.

Baggage Handling System

Together with Vanderlande, we can design, deliver, commission and maintain the baggage handling system your airport needs. We can implement the complex changeover from Standard 2 to Standard 3 in an operational environment so that your airport does not endure downtime and delays.

  • Customised check-in: a powerful baggage analysis and classification system to improve the baggage handling quality and overall system performance by reducing the number of mishandled bags, and to prevent up to 40% of bag jams and filter out jam-sensitive bags.
  • Fast baggage transportation: conveyors with a control system bringing the luggage into merging, accumulating, or sorting by having low energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs and the lowest noise levels in the industry, while operating at a high speed.
  • Integration with Screening Technologies: Vanderlande’s baggage handling system can be integrated with Smiths Detection’s automated EDS. This ensures full system integration, cost-effectiveness and maximum capacity utilisation, with the highest throughput rates and efficient operation, while enabling multi-level screening concepts, failsafe tracking and in-tub screening.
  • Sortation: a range of solutions with common purpose to effectively sort baggage after it has been screened, tailored to the layout of your airport’s terminal building. By carefully examining this range, we will select the solution that best matches your situation.

  • Make-up/Loading: depending on your airport’s storage capabilities, building space, ergonomics and traffic inside the flight make-up area, you have a variety of carousel options to choose from.

For more information on the products and solutions, please visit Vanderlande.

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Ground Support Equipment

We work with the best European manufacturers to provide you with ground support equipment such as container loaders, passenger boarding bridges, and pushbacks. Get in touch with us if you are looking to equip or re-equip your airport with the equipment needed to service aircrafts and minimise turnaround times.

Passenger Boarding Bridges

Together with Thyssen Krupp, we work to deliver the most technologically advanced and ergonomic passenger bridges in the industry. The product range can be customised to fit your airport’s environment, enabling shorter boarding times and reduced congestion.


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Aircraft Service

Every modern airport requires a vast suite of equipment needed to service aircrafts that are visiting the airport. We understand that navigating the landscape of potential suppliers can be challenging. Thanks to the network we have built over the years in our main markets, we have been able to accumulate significant know-how about the quality and applications of ground support equipment used to service aircrafts. Now, we are happy to support you in your efforts to select, acquire and utilise the suitable equipment.


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