Base & Site Security and CBRNE Detection & Identification

Detection systems in military are of an immense importance to the safety of defenders and to the successful completion of missions against the enemy. The purpose of the sensor or detection devices is to identify the possibilities of an attack or the location and activities of the enemy, which would then offer the defenders a chance to analyse this information and take the appropriate decisions. Working closely with Smiths Detection, we can provide you with reliable equipment that requires low maintenance and gathers real-time information about traces of explosives or other dangerous materials. The equipment is focused on:

  • Increasing the ability of defenders to survive threatening environments.

  • Meeting a wide range of requirements for the detection and identification of CBRNE threats as well as demands of many different soldiers or operational group applications.

  • Minimising unplanned down-time due to the cost-effective service contracts.

  • Quick performance time.

For more information on the products and solutions, please visit Smiths Detection.

Cargo & Vehicle Screening

The cargo and vehicle inspection systems are designed to suit your variety of demands related to the security of military bases. An overview of the technologies’ characteristics is as follows:

  • Screening systems can effectively deal with a continuous flow of vehicles, while producing excellent image quality.
  • X-ray images are easy to analyse and can be done so either remotely or on-site.
  • Screening systems can reliably detect any presence of radioactive gamma materials on vehicles.
  • Other products offer an inspection solution of unmanned vehicles where drive-through inspection may not be possible, while this system is designed to prevent vehicle drivers being exposed to any radiation risk.

For more information on the products and solutions, please visit Smiths Detection.

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